Explore Luxury Kerala Tour Packages

Kerala, also known as God's own country is famous for the charm it exerts on everyone. Kerala is a place where art, architecture and diversity make it a unique, interesting and beautiful place to visit. Our Kerala luxury tour packages are specifically designed to offer you the best of Kerala. Kerala is a place where the dreams of travelers come alive. The bustling streets of Cochin, the lovely backwaters of Alleppey, the majestic hills of Munnar are few of the many places in Kerala that will leave you awestruck. To enjoy Kerala, and enjoy Kerala in a luxurious way, all you have to do is to go through ourluxury packages and select a package that appeals to you, and get in touch with us.
We provide one-of a kind Kerala luxury tour packages. You choose the package and sit back. We will make sure that you enjoy a luxurious vacation.


Kerala is an awesome place with an interesting geography, and you do not need a reason to celebrate life in a luxurious way in Kerala. To celebrate life, to celebrate your marriage, to celebrate your friendship, to relax like a king, just book a luxury Kerala package with us and we will make it an experience of a lifetime.

Luxury is not just about staying in the finest and best of accommodation oreating the most appealing and exquisite of cuisines or using a very comfortable mode of transport, but also providing you with the best resources in order to not just experience but also understand the destination in-depth. We promise that our luxury Kerala tour packages are designed with great attention, and the intention to make you experience a very beautiful one.

Have you ever dreamt of living in a castle?

Have you wanted to sleep, dine and holiday like a royal?

Do not worry. We will make your dream come true.

You will be accommodated in a beautiful room or resort facing the vast sea or a splendid jungle or a secluded island.Book with us, stay in a plushy resort, enjoy sumptuous meals, pamper yourself with a massage that relaxes your mind and body, enjoy a stunning view from your room, take a stroll to appreciate the beauty of nature and live life king size by choosing one of our Kerala luxury tour packages.

Did you know that members of royal families in the medieval times,spent a lot of time travelling around their kingdom from one place to another. We are going to make sure that your experience with us is no less than theirs. From the moment you join us, you will feel no less than a royal visitor visiting one of the most beautiful places on earth. Not just a part of your visit, but the whole trip is going to make you feel luxurious and happy. And by Poppins Holidays packages will you get the option to customize your family package according to your wish.

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