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Congrats, on your wedding. Wayanad is a beautiful place and is one of the best destinations for a romantic get-away. Waterfalls, valleys, paddy fields, boat rides, famous peaks and spices are some of the things that make Wayanad, a preferred place for honeymooners to visit. Chembra peaks, Edakkal caves and Meenmutty falls are some places to check out in Wayanad. The Edakkal caves have carvings that date back over 8000 years.
Wayanad is located on the Western Ghats at a stature of 2100m. This is the primary area of Kerala that edges both Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. The most appealing segment of Wayanad is the forests, which are as old as 3,000 years. Wayanad is a lovely honeymoon destination.Go through our list of Wayanad honeymoon tour packages, and pick the best wayanad tour package.


The most visited guest range of Wayanad district is the Kuruva Island. People from everywhere, are pulled into the thick timberland incorporating the island orchestrated amidst the tributaries of River Kabani. Kuruva Island is recently required by greenery and herbs that are a sight to the eyes. This fascinating retreat from the clamoring city life is a spot of huge peacefulness and quietness.

The Edakkal Cave is an amazing structure. The dividers are enlivened with intriguing carvings that will take your breath away, and bygone investigation darlings will love the unpredictable arrangements and segments of this creation. The recorded scenery of Wayanad, and even the total of Kerala is said to have been covered in these dazzling carvings, and they wind up being one of the best explorer spots of Wayanad and being a part of every Wayanad honeymoon tour packages.

Pazhassi Raja tomb is a notable vacationer trip spot in Wayanad . It houses an appealing aquarium. The variety of trees and shrubberies are a crowd puller among the most engaging parts of this zone. Perched upon Thamarassery, a standout amongst the most lifted slants of Wayanad, Lakkidi is a most cherished goal of vacationers. With the point of view of the total of Wayanad, Lakkidi also gives great grandness like never before. Streams, vegetation, the point of view of rich mountains and thick valleys of this apex are amidst a front of timberlands that keep it a warm and lovely territory.

The Chembra pinnacle is amidst the fabulous valleys and stunning trekking trails of Wayanad. The trek to Chembra Peak is a champion among the most pleasant experiences that tourists have encountered. It is the most raised slant in Wayanad, and the day long trek is the best way to experience the wild that is this slant valley and a must go place that is a part of every Wayanad tour package. Check out our Wayanad honeymoon tour packages.

The Soochippara Waterfalls drop into a pool, which is comprehensively used for rafting and swimming. The view of the significant valleys of the Western Ghats when solidified with the Soochippara Waterfalls is an extremely upbeat thing to see. Vacationers love to welcome the staggering point of view and the waterfalls. Our Wayanad honeymoon tour packages are outlined remembering your best advantages.

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